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Protection of the building against vibrations. Elastic Shielding of Buildings.



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Growing rates of urbanisation are resulting in ever more new buildings springing up on plots of land that are susceptible to vibration. The vibrations frequently emanate from nearby railway lines, roads or adjacent industrial complexes. Unless appropriate action is taken, these buildings are defenceless against the structure-borne noise generated in their immediate environments: unwanted and occasionally even unacceptably severe vibrations are the result. Secondary airborne noise levels also rise, as the vibrations excite elements such as the walls or ceilings. External factors such as these have an unfailingly adverse effect on the living and working environment inside the building.

Benefits of a vibration solution:
– Proven protection against vibrations in buildings
– Reduction in sound radiation entering buildings from external sources (rail trafic, industrial complexes, roads)
– Higher quality of living and working environments through elastic decoupling
– Increase in market value of land and buildings
– Pioneering and lasting solution for maximum comfort

A planner’s task is not only to construct a building that complies with the relevant regulatory standards,but also to meet the particular requirements of the customer. The diverse range of parameters with a vibration isolation dimension have to be collated and implemented according to the deined goals and objectives. This is where Getzner and Wibroizolacja comes in.

Source isolation is generally the more eficient approach. However, as many projects involve sources that cannot be isolated retrospectively, Getzner offers effective yet affordable solutions for isolating the recipient against vibrations.

Anti-vibration measures for recipient:

1. Full-surface bearings for buildings using side mats

A. Rail traffic, light railways, trams, etc.

B. Underground rail traffic


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2 Strip bearing of buildings or structures

3. Discrete bearing of buildings or structures

4. Slot wall between existing source and recipient

C. Industrial complexes, machinery, etc.

D. Building service installations


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