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Vibration Isolation for Staircases and Landings type Sylomer SB10

Manufacturer: Getzner

Sylomer SB10 Izolacja schodów podestów

People make noise when walking in buildings, which can be transmitted to adjacent rooms as structure-borne noise. Stairs in articular are frequent sources of noise. The elastic decoupling of lights of stairs and landings signiicantly reduces the transmission of structure-borne noise to nearby rooms via adjacent walls and ceilings, resulting in a reduction in the overall noise level in the building.

The Getzner SB10 bearing for concrete stairs is a combination of a Sylomer® strip and foam.


– Solutions for in-situ concrete and precast concrete stairs

– Outstanding impact noise reduction (31 dB) at minimal installation height

– Quick and easy installation thanks to lexible design

– Compensation of construction tolerances

– Accurate load transmission and low delection

To avoid sound bridges, the stair light must be completely separated from the support structure. Installation and delivery dimensions The Sylomer® SB10 bearing is delivered in stripes of 1.5 m. Thanks to the lexible product design, it can be easily adapted to the on-site requirements. A clean and even surface as well as the implementation of the joint between the concrete stair and support structure are especially important to guarantee effectiveness.


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