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Akustyczna kostka podłogowa FB vibration isolation Getzner

Acoustic floor blocks – FB

Manufacturer: Getzner

Made of Sylomer® offers excellent impact sound attenuation on any floor. Ideal for creating floors with low natural frequencies, which have been indispensable in recording studios, cinemas or in stage construction. Impact noise reduction up to 31dB (dry screed) and 38 dB (wet screed). Low installation height, quick and easy assembly. Load capacity up to 800 kg/m².


Acoustic Floor Blocks FB - data sheet

Acoustic Floor Blocks FB - manual


  • Sound studios
  • Cinemas, discos
  • Theaters
  • Sport halls
  • Fitness studio
  • Bowling
  • Stage platforms

Advantages and benefits

  • Excellent impact noise insulation for particularly challenging acoustic requirements
  • Outstanding shock and impact resistance
  • Minimal settlement behaviour
  • Excellent durability over decades
  • Proven high product quality
  • Additional installation level
  • Natural frequency f0: ≥ 6 Hz
  • Thickness: 50 mm / 25 mm
  • Flammability: Class E

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