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Suspended spring vibration isolators – MSN/Z and SD/Z

Manufacturer: Getzner Spring Solutions

Used as suspension elements for source isolation on ceilings, steel structures and sensitive electronic measuring equipment. Natural frequency of approx. 3.0 Hz and higher (under nominal load). Available in two sizes : MSN/Z with an M8 thread or SD/Z with an M10 thread with a damping core option.




  • as elements of suspension from ceilings and steel constructions,
  • as source isolation for suspended vents, air conditioners, pipe lines, etc.,
  • for the isolation of sensitive electronics in refrigerators, air conditioners, pipe lines and other suspended equipment,
  • for the vibro-isolation of all sorts of machines. 


  • size of elements and connections are uniform for a given type (MSN/Z or SD/Z), which guarantees interchangeability, 
  • due to open design, the condition of the suspension and spring can be checked quickly without the need to dismantle the vibro-isolator, 
  • the spring element can also oscillate horizontally.

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