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Plate vibration isolators – F, R

Manufacturer: Egana

Designed primarily for the mounting of machine tools with a wide range of rotation speeds, as well as machines characterised by impulsive dynamic loads. Not mounted to the foundation and level-adjustable. Resistant to water, oils as well as low and high temperature. Available in five sizes.

F type vibro-isolators have a load-bearing screw fixed in a main body made of ductile cast iron GGG-40, while in the R type the screw is oscillatory. The vibro-isolators are fitted with a 80÷85 ShA polyurethane dampening core. 


  • metalworking machine tools,
  • presses, bending brakes, punch presses,
  • woodworking machine tools,
  • plastics processing machines and equipment,
  • production, assembly, transport, bottling lines, etc.,
  • other machines and equipment used in various industries.


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