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WMV wibroizolator talerzowy, wibroizolacja drgań

Vibration isolators – WMV

Manufacturer: Martin

Designed for mounting machine tools and devices with impulsive dynamic loads that do not requires mounting to the ground. Allows level adjustment. Oils and greases resistant. Available in several sizes,  galvanized, painted or acid-resistant version.


WMV - data sheet


  • metalworking machines,
  • woodworking machines, 
  • assembly elements of machines and devices for plastics processing,
  • assembly lines and automatic systems for industrial production
  • machines and devices for agri-food processing,
  • other machines and devices used in various industries.


Size and typeDimensions (mm)Weight (kg)Dynamic load (kG)Static load (kG)
WMV 8483841230113 0,66300600
WMV 1041211041434155 6001100
WMV 1201251201637162 1,777001300
WMV 1401281401645173 8001600
WMV 1601351602045180 12002500
WMV 1801351802045180 17003500
WMV 230*1352302455190 25005000

 * – painted and galvanised version only.


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