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MSN wibroizolator sprężynowy Getzner Springs, wibroizolacja, izolacja drgań

Spring vibration isolators – MSN

Manufacturer: Getzner Spring Solutions

Durable in construction, small in size. With natural frequency 3.5 Hz. and higher (under nominal load). Depending on the needs could be attached to the base directly with a screw with M8 thread or by use the galvanized metal base plate (F 1-8).  Available in electro-galvanised or cathodic dip coated (CDC) version, with adjusting screw option (N1-8).


  • compressors,
  • ventilators,
  • air conditioners,
  • speaker sets,
  • sensitive electronics,
  • measurement instruments and scales,
  • pumps,
  • emergency power generators,
  • other machines and devices, especially ones with low vibration frequency.


  • low height,
  • low natural frequency,
  • freedom of tilting in the vertical direction,
  • interchangeability due to the same size and threaded connections,
  • the open design of the isolator allows for effortlessly checking the spring’s condition and the distance between its coils,
  • durable and compact design. 

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