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DSD wibroizolator sprężynowy z wkładem tłumiącym Getzner Springs, wibroizolacja, izolacja drgań spring vibration isolator

Spring vibration isolators – DSD

Manufacturer: Getzner Spring Solutions

Durable in construction, protected against corrosion through cathodic dip coating (CDC). Inside damping core made of a special material called Sylodamp. Suitable for machines with frequent starts. Depending on the needs could be attached to the base directly with a screw with M10 thread or by use the galvanized metal base plate (FP/KTL 1-9).  Available with adjusting screw option (NV1-9).


  • blocked heating/cooling units,
  • compressors,
  • rotary machines, engines, turbines,
  • portable devices, power generators,
  • centrifugal separatos, pumps,
  • measuring tables, control boards, scales,
  • vibrating tables, conveyors,
  • transport of fragile goods.


  • freedom of tilting in the vertical direction,
  • interchangeability due to the same size and threaded connections,
  • the open design of the isolator allows for effortlessly checking the spring’s condition and the distance between its coils,
  • the damping core retains its elasticity and is resistant to damage,
  • high resistance to corrosion. 

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