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TT wibroizolatory talerzowe

Anti vibration mounts – TT

Manufacturer: Wibroizolacja

Designed for mounting machine tools with a wide range of rotation speeds, as well as machines characterised by impulsive dynamic loads that do not require mounting to the foundation. Allows level adjustment. Oils and grease resistant. Available several sizes adjusted for various load ranges.


  • machine tools used for metal machining: lathes, automatic lathes, polishing machines, milling machines, slotters, presses, shears, saws, angle bending machines, etc.,

  • machine tools used for machining wood: planers, thicknessers, saws, etc.,

  • machines and equipment used for plastic processing,

  • production, assembly, transport, bottling lines etc.,

  • lines, machines and equipment used for agri-food processing,

  • other machines and equipment used in various industries.

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